Custom Field Suite

A free, lightweight custom fields plugin for WordPress

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Visually Create Fields

Create the custom fields you need. There are numerous different field types to choose from — including text, date, file upload, relationship, and even loop (repeatable fields)!

Attach Fields to Posts

Use the “Placement Rules” area to configure which edit screens the field group will appear on. In this example, the field group will only appear on “page” edit screens.



Relationship Fields

A relationship field allows you to associate the current post with items from other post types! In this example, “Brands” is a separate post type.

Repeatable Fields

Loop fields are repeatable containers for all other field types. It’s a great way to create photo galleries, among other things. In this screenshot, a file upload field and text field are within a loop.



Template Code

To display custom field values on your site, you’ll need to add some code to your template files. Custom Field Suite includes a lightweight API. Notice how the screenshot is using $cfs->get() to pull values into the template.


CFS also includes several useful features, including Import, Export, and Debugging.


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