How to Save Gravity Forms Data into Custom Field Suite

Gravity Forms is a powerful tool for creating user-friendly forms on your site. The only problem is that it doesn’t store the data in a way that’s easily accessible by WordPress. Fortunately, CFS allows you to save Gravity Forms data as post data.

Setting up Gravity Forms

First, create a new form with Gravity Forms. In this case, we’ve created a form called “Location Data” with 4 fields.



Setting up Custom Field Suite

Next, create a new field group within CFS. Create fields with the same labels as in Gravity Forms. It’s important that these field labels match exactly.



As you can see, we’ve set this field group to be displayed for the “people” post type.



Below the “Placement Rules” area on the same page, you’ll see an “Extras” box. For the first dropdown, select the Gravity Form that you’d like to use. For the second dropdown, select the post type that you’d like the save the data as.

That’s it! When you save your Gravity Form, the data will get saved as a new item of the given post type.