A loop field lets you create repeatable fields. E.g. a file upload field could be placed into a loop to create a gallery.
To use it, first create a Loop field. After saving, drag other fields directly below the Loop field. You will notice that the fields will appear "nested". Save, then you're ready to go!

Field Options

  • Row Display: Whether to expand the row values by default
  • Row Label: (optional) Override the "Loop Row" header text. You can also dynamically populate the row label with field values. If you have a text field named "first_name", enter {first_name} to use the field value as the row label.
  • Button Label: (optional) Override the "Add Row" button text

Return Value

(array) An array of value arrays

Template Usage

    A loop field named "gallery" with sub-fields "slide_title" and "upload"
    Loop fields return an associative array containing *ALL* sub-fields and their values
    NOTE: Values of sub-loop fields are returned when using get() on the parent loop!
$fields = CFS()->get('gallery');
foreach ($fields as $field) {
    echo $field['slide_title'];
    echo $field['upload'];