Getting Started

How to Use CFS
A beginner's guide
How is CFS Different?
It's fast, stable, and lightweight

Field Types

Name Description
Text Single-line text field
Textarea Multi-line text field
Wysiwyg Editor Visual content editor
Date Date picker
Color Color picker
True / False Single checkbox field
Select Single or multi-select box
File Upload File upload field
User Widget for selecting users
Relationship Widget for selecting related posts
Loop Container for repeating fields


Name Description
get() Retrieve field values
get_field_info() Retrieve labels and other field properties
get_reverse_related() Get referenced posts
save() Save field values
form() Display front-end forms


Name Description
cfs_field_types Extend CFS field types
cfs_matching_groups Override placement rules
cfs_custom_validation Validate a field on the client side (before saving)
cfs_pre_save_input Do stuff before an input form is saved
cfs_after_save_input Do stuff after an input form is saved
cfs_pre_render_fields Modify field settings before generating the input HTML